Sunday, February 19, 2012

Class #2 Reflection: February 8th

I really enjoyed our last class. I learned a lot from discussing the articles that we read with my group. The article that I read about contraceptive use in young adult literature was very interesting, and I have started looking for contraceptive use in the books that I am reading for class. I also enjoyed learning more about graphic novels from the first group's presentation. I was not a huge fan of graphic novels before their presentation because I find them difficult to follow and distracting. However, after reviewing the group's Glogster and reading a graphic novel for this course, I can definitely see how that genre would be helpful for struggling readers. I also think that graphic novels can get students hooked on reading, and maybe help them broaden their horizons. I am looking forward to class again this week! I know we have a lot to discuss and learn about this week, and I am especially excited to discuss our "I was" poems that we posted.

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